• ●AIplay is an aerial image manipulation device that combines an ASKA3D-Plate and a finger gesture.
    ("AIplay" is a registered trademark of Shinko Shoji)
  • ●Finger gesture (ASKA3D-Plate) is a product jointly developed between NEC Solution Innovator Co., Ltd. and us. It enables the images formed in the air to be touched and flicked.
  • ●ASKA3D-Plates and finger gestures are also sold individually.
  • ●We also provide customized products on request, such as for additional functions.
  • ●We also design and manufacture enclosures, contents and other items comprehensively.
  • ●We also provide AIplay demonstration device rentals.
  •  *ASKA3D-Plate is the brand name of Askanet Co.,Ltd.




For product inquiries, please contact to
Novalux Shanghai Electronics Limited