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【Terms of Use】

1. About copyright
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2. About trademark right
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3. About links
(1) You may link to this Website for free of charge whether for profit, non-profit or intranet, but you must agree to the following guidelines.
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(3) The following links are prohibited.
  • 1) 1) Links from websites that contain contents that slander or harm the reputation of the Company, its products, services, officers, employees and other personnel.
  • 2) Links from websites that contain adult content or contents that are against public order and morality.
  • 3) Links from websites that post illegal content (including contents that may be illegal) or links from websites that are involved or may be involved in illegal activities (including activities that may be illegal).
  • 4) Links using frames or links that make the viewers unaware in other ways that the content displayed is the Company’s content.
  • 5) Links from websites whose owners refuse to comply with or have no intention to comply with the terms of use set forth herein.
(4)Other notes
  • 1) The link destination must be the top page (https://www.shinko-sj.co.jp). Please note that the contents and URL of this Website may be changed or deleted without prior notice.
  • 2) Terms of use are subject to change without prior notice. Users are required to follow the terms of use after change if the terms of use are changed.
(1)The Company will not warrant or make any representation to the materials and information contained thereof. The Company will not be held responsible for any error or misstatement of information contained in this Website. Information contained in this Website is subject to change or cancellation without notice.
(2)The Company assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience or damage to the user as a result of using this website or content thereof.
5.Governing law and competent court
The use of the Website and interpretation thereof shall be governed by the law of Japan. All disputes arising from or related to this website shall be exclusively submitted to the Tokyo District Court of Japan as a first instance court.
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