IR Policy

The Company has established an IR policy to enhance the level of management transparency, maintain fairness and implement IR activities actively and timely.

Basic Policy of Information Disclosure

The Company acknowledges that the timely and appropriate disclosure to shareholders and investors of corporate information that affects investment decisions is important. For the reason, we ensure transparency and fairness which is our basic policy. In respect of matters that are regarded necessary or useful in understanding the Company, regardless of whether they are advantageous or disadvantageous to the Company, we will strive to actively disclose information to the extent possible.

Purpose of IR Activities

The Company acknowledges that activities to enhance two-way communication with all stakeholders including shareholders and investors through shared opportunities and points of contact, activities for us to be evaluated properly, activities to enhance the level of transparency in management as well as activities to increase the trusts meet the purpose of IR activities.

Manners of Information Disclosure

Information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rule will be disclosed through the "Timely Disclosure Information System (TDnet) " and the same information will be promptly provided to the press. In addition, the information disclosed will be posted on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this Website") promptly after disclosure. However, please note that there may be a delay in publication on this Website due to technical problems and other reasons.
Regarding information that does not fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company will also disclose such information in a timely and appropriate manner based on the purpose of the Timely Disclosure Rules and our basic policy of disclosure of information so as to ensure transparency and fairness.

About Future Prospects

Information disclosed by the Company may contain forward-looking statements such as forecasts of earnings. These statements are calculated based on the information available at the present time, and the actual results may differ depending on various future factors.
Therefore, please refrain from making investment decisions, etc. based entirely on matters concerning future prospects such as forecasts of earnings.

IR Self-Control Period

The Company sets a period as "IR self-control period" that begins four weeks prior to the scheduled announcement date of each quarter financial results through the date of the announcement. During this period, the Company refrains from replying to any comment and question concerning matters relating to our financial results, outlook of our business to specific shareholders and investors or specific media, as well as from IR activities such as holding a briefing session so as to prevent any leakage of financial result information.
However, in the event where the business forecast is expected to deviate significantly during the self-control period, or an event arises that has a significant influence on investment decisions, the Company will disclose necessary information timely.