Corporate Governance Code

Our Corporate Governance Initiatives

1.Corporate Governance Basic Policy

The Company has formulated the "Corporate Governance Basic Policy" with an aim at achieving sustainable growth of our Group, improving corporate value and ensuring stability over the medium to long term.
We have raised our management philosophy, that is, we aim to make a trading company that has existential value while providing devices that evolve with changes in the environment.
Based on this management philosophy, the Company also has raised our operation policy that we will pay consideration to all stakeholders with an aim at improving corporate value and implement various management policies while studying methods with less risk.
For this purpose, we will constantly seek a way that is suitable for our growth and ensure proper disclosure while keeping the Corporate Governance Code in mind.
In addition, we will build a compact yet highly effective framework while achieving a balance between growth and safety.

2.Major measures to achieve the Corporate Governance Basic Policy

(1) Enhancement of Outside Directors
(2) Revitalize the Board of Directors
(3) Introduction of executive share-based payment (BBT) (already introduced)
(4) Formulation of independence criteria for independent outside corporate officers

An internal control system

Basic policy for building an internal control system

Various Standards and Policies

Board of Directors Evaluation Standards and Evaluation Results 2016

Way of Thinking regarding the Policies and the Exercise of the Voting Rights

Corporate Action Guideline

Regarding Division of Duties of Directors and Corporate Auditors

Independent Director Independent Criteria

Diversity Standard Principle

Board of Directors Evaluation Criteria

Director/Corporate Auditor Education Standard

Policy on Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

Basic Policy against Antisocial Forces

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