Establishment of "Corporate Code of Conduct"

April 1, 2003

The Company has established the "Code of Conduct". This Policy sets forth corporate action guidelines to comply with laws and regulations as well as social norms. In addition to merely extracting and listing ethical items, it also describes corporate activities to be pursued and employee role models such as how the Company contributes to society, how workplace environments with a high level of employee independence and creativity are created, and other goals.

Outline of "Corporate Code of Conduct"

This Policy sets forth guidelines that the Company, its officers, employees and other personnel need to comply with when the Company conducts various business activities. Its officers and employees shall make the utmost efforts to take the lead by implementing this Policy voluntarily as their important roles, and disseminate it among affiliated companies and internal organizations so as to establish the practices among them.
The specific goals are listed as follows.

  • 1. We will comply with laws, regulations and other social norms and conduct fair and sound corporate activities.
  • 2. We will contribute to society through the provision of excellent products and services.
  • 3. We will respect the personality and individuality of our employees and realize a stress-free and comfortable working environment.
  • 4. We respect the position of stakeholders.
  • 5. We aim to become a good corporate citizen who contributes to the local community.
  • 6. We will contribute to the conservation of the global environment and creation of a rich and comfortable society.

Outline of "Corporate Action Guideline"

This Guideline sets forth, among other things, matters that should serve as a basis for important actions so that the “Corporate Code of Conduct” can be practiced in day-to-day business activities.
Specifically, it consists of the following items.

1.About business activities
(1) Sales
(2) Development
(3) Procurement
(4) Information management
(5) Relationship with affiliated companies and cooperating companies
(6) Relationship with public entities such as government agencies, local governments, etc.
(7) Protection of intellectual property rights
(8) Conclusion of contract
(9) Overseas activities

2. Relationship between the employer and employees
(1) Respect for personality and individuality of employees
(2) Respect for privacy
(3) Respect for human rights and prohibition of discriminatory treatment
(4) Securing a safe and healthy working environment

3. Relationship between the Company and society
(1) Compliance with laws and regulations
(2) Rejection of antisocial forces
(3) Disclosure of information
(4) Conservation of the global environment
(5) Social Contribution

Development of a framework

In order to practice the Corporate Code of Conduct and the Corporate Action Guideline, the Company shall establish the following frameworks.

The Company shall:

1. Formulate and distribute a "Compliance Handbook" to its officers, employees and other personnel to ensure thorough dissemination. Also post it on its website and make it publicly available inside and outside the Company.
2. Continually implement in-company education. In addition, compliance education on specific laws and regulations shall be implemented as appropriate.
3. Assign a compliance liaison so that employees can consult with him/her directly concerning compliance.